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Welcome!  This page lists random topics that are not otherwise classifiable under the more specific areas.  For more information, please email me at qa76.net@gmail.com.

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  • Health Program. I lost 30 pounds in 60 days with this program. See if it might have some ideas that can work for you.

  • SharePoint URL Shortener. Shortens SharePoint URLs so that all tools can consume them.

  • Chess Club System. Provides the framework and materials for a grade school chess club based on my own years of teaching one.

  • Chess Rating Calculator. Rates a group of chess players based on an initial rating and a series of games. Ideal for chess club use.

  • Word List. Words I've encountered in reading that I could not define, linked to two online dictionaries.

  • Apollo 12 Engineering. Good engineering discipline saved the lives of the astronouts. But what are the elements of good engineering? A case study from the Apollo 12 launch.

  • Software Engineer Meme. A perspective on the nature of being a software engineer or similar IT professional.


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